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I specialize in custom-made WordPress websites and minimal designs for female entrepreneurs and small businesses ready to make big moves. It is my passion to help turn your dream into a visual reality.

Toronto Brand strategist

Meet your brand strategist, Fifa

I specialize in custom-made WordPress websites and minimal designs for female entrepreneurs and businesses ready to make big moves. It is my passion to help turn your dream into a visual reality.

Human first , Designer second

I’m the founder of FeiModern, a brand stylist, web designer, and the Creative Director behind Boss Babe ImperialI help women create their brand style and launch their dream website using clean, minimal and modern designs.

My Story

Here's what I know. You are 100% capable of building the life you desire.

Either you do what most people do: fear failure, keep that drive inside, and apply for that company job that doesn’t look too bad. Or you can act on that talent, turn your passion into a business, and let your dream shape reality.

It was not long until I dove into the world of personal development in 2017 that I started realizing what was possible for me. Entrepreneurship became my obsession and at the time, not one person understood me. It was a lonely path to embark on. None of my friends and family members saw eye to eye with what I was trying to achieve.

I had a fiery desire to become my own boss

I started experimenting with a bunch of side hustles hoping one would stick and make me successful. I lost count how many projects I partook in; drop shipping, multi-level marketing (MLM), photography, social media management, stock trading, calligraphy, copywriting … and the list goes on.

I knew there was more to life than simply graduating from university and landing a dream job (which I never did). I settled to work at soul-sucking administration jobs for six years until I finally had it and got myself fired one day.

It was the most freeing feeling I ever had the day my boss let me go. It was also the wake up call I needed to make some major changes in my life.

From that point on, I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to make my dream come true if I didn’t want to find myself working again at another mindless 9 to 5.

Eyes completely closed, I took the leap, moved to Toronto with my boyfriend, and set forth on my new adventure.

One month in, I hired my first business coach who helped me gain extreme clarity. Through her guidance, I finally managed to figure out my zone of genius which was design.

And now here I am, a corporate escapee finally building the life of her dreams and living life on her own terms.

I honestly believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I’m just another example of someone who knew she had the potential to be great and went for it. I fully believe that it’s possible for you too as long as you have the drive and dedication to make it happen.

I’m now on a mission to lift and empower ambitious women to build their confidence showing up online by creating beautiful websites and impactful brands that proudly showcase who they are and what they do in the most intentional way possible.

Here are some ways we can work together

At FeiModern, we place great importance in building long-term relationships with every one of our clients. For this reason, we offer FREE consultation & discovery calls as a way to get to know you, your business and your goals to determine if we’re a good fit.


Web Design

Rooted in intention, we opt for minimal design solutions to help you build a thriving online home and wow your audience with a customized, beautifully functional and responsive website.



You want your brand to accurately represent your killer business and you want your prospects to know how much you’re serious about your work. It’s time to uplevel your presence and revamp the way your brand and business show up.